Embracing Marketing Through Social Media in Kenya

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Statistics show that the Kenyan population is largely composed of youth who dwell in urban centers and some in the rural. The literacy levels have gone so high with technology making digital appliances cheaper. Social media in Kenya is the new coffee shop, lounge and garden for the populace and marketers know too well the power of communication this tool bears.

Virtually all youth and older people have an account in face book. It is estimated that 2 million people in Kenya visit Facebook daily and this is great news to any marketer. Twitter is the other bird that has lately learned to fly in Kenya and people are embracing the socializing tool quite first. The tool has its limit as it only allows 140 characters and no photos not unless it is a link. It serves to attract its share of fans that often run from Facebook.

Social Media in Kenya The Different Trends

social media in kenya - the latest trendsSocial media in Kenya has been greatly used for low budget marketers and entrepreneurs who want to reach multitudes of people without straining their budgets with traditional advertising that is sometimes quite expensive.

There are several social media tools than Facebook and twitter though this is what most Kenyans relate to. Lately Pinterest has been widely used in Kenya as well as Tumbler, LinkedIn and many others that Kenyans identify with.

Most people prefer to spend their free time catching up in social media forums. Having a good social media strategy that allows one to reach their targets without strenuous efforts.

Companies that realized the strength of social media in Kenya have really gained a lot in terms of online branding, customer relationship and reputation management. Taking your company to the people makes them feel well catered for and served for any needs that may arise.

Corporate use of Social Media in Kenya

Example the leading telecommunication company in Kenya whose customers complained of not being able to reach their customer service agents easily has made a great impact using this tool. The online customer service is prompt and satisfactory and this has grown its image and customer loyalty.

Many companies have since taken more interest in social media marketing in Kenya. Several companies offer the services for the corporates, like TDS Marketers, while some corporates prefer to employ a full time employee to attend to their social media needs.

Other brands like musicians, celebrities’ politicians and even government have also embraced use of social media in Kenya. This has seen great competition and growth of interest in online marketing since most people have realized the power of social media.

Social media in Kenya is a powerful marketing tool that those who have tried and known its power will attest to. Simply the cost of marketing in social media is fairly low and the results way higher. But it is important to get the experts to lead your social media team with the right strategies and measures to avoid marketing that may be negative or none impacting.

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