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Drive targeted traffic to your website through improved ranking on search engines

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a combination of strategies, techniques and tactics which are used to increase the number of highly targeted visitors to a website. This is done by improving the ranking of a website for particular keywords in search results of popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo Search.

Optimization of a website is a long term inbound marketing strategy that basically improves the authority of a website online. It creates more brand awareness, improves visibility of website online, create meaningful leads and drives sales.

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SEO in Kenya – The Statistics

Data from the DataReportal Website estimates internet penetration to be at 40% in Kenya. This therefore translates to 21.75 million internet users from a total population of 54.4 million Kenyans.

According to results obtained from StatCounter(An online tool that provides traffic statistics), Google enjoys the largest market share in Kenya at about 97%. Other search engines worth mentioning include Bing(1.52%), Yahoo Search(1.17%) and DuckDuckGo(0.15%).

The percentages slightly vary worldwide but Google still enjoys the largest market share at 92.42%, Bing(2.61%), Yahoo Search(1.9%) and Baidu(1.03%). The other search engines such as Yandex RU and DuckDuckGo get less than 1% in the market share.

There are 11 million social media users in Kenya making 20.2% of the population. More users are accessing the internet via smartphones(74.2%) compared to desktop computers(24.7%). The most used social apps are Whatsapp(96.5%), Youtube(91.3%), Facebook(88.5%), Instagram(70.9%), Messenger(61.9%), Twitter(60.5%), Telegram(55.9%), Tiktok(44.7%), Linkedin(38.6%) among other apps.

Other Digital Marketing Services

Other Digital Marketing Services

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SEO Services with a Difference

Experience the best SEO service in Kenya

There is a constant need for your business to reach out to more potential customers online. Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo provide one of the best platforms to target your customers.

TDS Marketers uses the best SEO strategies and tools online that will ensure that our customers take advantage of traffic from all major search engines. Our SEO services in Kenya helps clients to target potential customers in Kenya and beyond the country. Take advantage of SEO in Kenya today with TDS Marketers.

Why Choose Our SEO Services?

We deliver the results you desire!

With a great understanding of the dynamics of SEO, the team of SEO experts will ensure that you stay ahead of your competition across the different popular search engines used in Kenya. Backed with data and the some of the best SEO tools, we constantly improve the SEO strategy to deliver the best results for our clients.

Optimization is a game of numbers and competition varies across different niches. The team of SEO experts boast of more than 20 years of experience cumulatively, mastering the dynamics of each niche. Our robust SEO strategies will ensure that you competitively rank for a wide range of keywords from different niches.

TDS Marketers is an SEO company in Kenya with a difference because our focus is always on results. We have the best interest of our clients at heart and therefore ensure that all strategies and techniques used are aimed at improving the web presence of our client and increasing traffic to their web properties.

With minimum risk and affordable rates, we ensure that we work towards meeting the goals and objectives of our customers. We strive to ensure that the customer always gets a return on the SEO investment made with TDS Marketers.

We know that our clients look for value in every investment they make, and value is what we deliver. Our SEO packages are very affordable because we want to reach clients with a diverse SEO budget.

From individuals to SMEs to large corporations, our packages are carefully crafted to ensure that the clients always get value for the money they invest in Search Engine Optimization.

Take advantage of our very affordable SEO pricing which gives you a great value for your investment.

Our customer support staff are always available around the clock to handle questions and concerns from our clients. Every project is assigned an account manager who works closely with the client throughout the life cycle of the project.

We exercise transparency to ensure that the client is involved in the project to a great extent. A great relationship between TDS Marketers and the customer will contribute greatly to the success of the project.

search engine optimization services in kenya

We handle large and small SEO campaigns in Kenya for a variety of businesses. But don’t just take our word for it, reach out to some of the companies we have worked with before and hear what they have to say about our Search engine optimization services. Give us a call or an email and start your SEO campaign today!

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