5 Important Social Media Marketing Tips for every Small Business

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Ever since the introduction of the digital age, millions of people are putting their information on the internet and taking advantage of every opportunity that can generate new leads. Social networks are buzzing with activity every second. There are so many social networking platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, G+ just to mention a few. All these are great platforms for you social media marketing campaigns.

With all these people hanging on the web, who needs to waste time and money on cold calling and other traditional forms of advertising? Social networking is great. It is great because it allows you to reach out to millions of prospects within just a few minutes. However, social media marketing is not easy. If you want to survive, you need to implement the following 5 crucial social media marketing tips.

1 Understand that Social Networks are Different

Before you pour your entire advertising budget on a social networking platform, always remember that they are not all equal.

5 vital Social Media Marketing Tips for every Small Business

Facebook users

Facebook is not considered a business platform. According to research, only 7% of serious business people use Facebook. A large number of Facebook users prefer looking for photos or videos of friends and humorous content. Unless your business is able to offer this kind of information on Facebook, reconsider putting all your money on Facebook ads.

LinkedIn users

On the other hand, LinkedIn is a very professional network. It may appear as a boring platform to many but it has very admirable results if you are target a professional following. People visit LinkedIn in order to expand their business networks. Since this platform is mainly used for networking, it is going to be one of the best places to advertise you brand.

Twitter users

Twitter is also different in terms of the kind of visitors it attracts. People visit Twitter to stay on top of trendy topics. Even though the number of business people on this platform is still low, it is increasing at a steady rate, unlike what is seen on Facebook. More companies are joining Twitter over the years and the platform is expected to be considered more professional than Facebook.

2 Understand your Target Audience on Social Networks

Social media marketing doesn’t simply involve bombarding people with information about your brand. It involves understanding your audience’s needs and posting content that fulfills these needs. You need to take your time to know what your audience likes, their habits and how to keep them engaged. Establish the patterns by reading their tweets and develop a great plan that will work for that platform.

Find out who your audience interacts with on social networks and the topics they are most interested in. Do they prefer posts which are direct or the ones that have humor? Once you establish this, engage your audience and become a part of your community.

3 Always Engage with your Audience

Remember that human faces are behind all those profiles. They want to feel like you care about them. If you share their content, retweet it or comment on it, they will feel appreciated. Engagement is so important on social networks because it can give your brand a good reputation.

Start sharing their content and eventually they will notice and begin to engage in conversations with you. You need to demonstrate that you understand their issues and you have common interests. You need to offer relevant solutions.

4 Represent your Brand well on Social Networks

When people begin to notice your business page on a social platform, they will want to know more about the brand. They will probably start checking out your social content. What have you been posting on different platforms? Are the posts related? It is important to ensure that your brand is represented well in all platforms. This will give them confidence in your brand.

5 Avoid Direct Selling

Always use social media for interaction instead of direct marketing and selling. No one likes a brand that keeps pushing people to buy their products directly on social media. You can still advertise your brand but without being so direct. You can post information about your product that will help fans. Be informative and people will recognize you as an authority in your industry.

Social media marketing is not easy but it can be done. It takes the right team to understand what your needs are and how to engage your target audience. Hire qualified social media experts who can help you generate massive leads on social networks.

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