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8 Different Types of Websites in Kenya with Examples

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Did you know that there are over 1.7 billion websites online? A website gives a business entity, organization or person, presence online and helps connect billions of people across the world at just a click of a button. However, there are different types of websites, mostly depending on the type of solution they are offering their audience.

Websites are built for the online audience and there is often a competition for the same audience. A good website is not only about a fancy design, but also the marketing aspect of it. This combination will ensure that your website stays ahead of its competition on the vast web.

If you want to have a website designed for your business or as an individual, it is important that you are aware of the different types of websites available. When approaching a web designer in Kenya with the request, the first question they would normally ask is, “What kind of website do you want?”.

Different Types of Website Designs in kenya

Let us help you answer this question so that you can better understand what you want in a website for your business.

Types of Websites in Kenya

You cannot simply have a comprehensive list when it comes to websites in Kenya. Websites are broken down to functionalities. When planning for a website, you need to have goals that you want to achieve with the website. When you are clear on these goals, you can then narrow down to a specific kind of website for your business or organization.

Among the numerous options available, we have tried to boil them down to 8 main types of sites that are common in Kenya. Find the list of the different types of websites in Kenya below with a Kenyan website example for better understanding.

#1 eCommerce Websites

These types of websites allow users to make purchases online. Any website that includes a shopping cart and users can make payments for products or services can be categorized as an eCommerce website.

Users often select the products they like and add them to their cart. After choosing the items, they can then proceed to check out where they can fill in their shipping and billing details. Modes of payments vary from one eCommerce website to another. Some of the common modes of payment in Kenyan online shops includes:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Mpesa or other mobile money payment modes
  • Credit/Debit Cards (Mastercard/Visa)
  • PayPal

If you are selling products online, you would probably want to consider an eCommerce website. Some examples of eCommerce websites in Kenya include; Kiondr, BeautyClick, Jumia, SkyGarden, Masoko etc.

eCommerce Websites - BeautyClick

#2 Business Website

Most of the websites would commonly fall into this category. A business website is a simple site that showcases a business or organization. This can be simply seen as a business profile. It explains what the business is all about showing the audience the various products and/or services that they offer.

In today’s world, it is absolutely mandatory for any serious business to have a website. For many clients, as soon as you engage them about your business, the next logical step they would take is to go online to find out more about your business. Your website should be the first point of contact and if you are not online, your competitors the client might end up engaging your competitor further. A business with no website never seems to be that serious.

While trying to sell products or services, business websites do not allow users to make purchases but encourage contact through physical visits, phone calls or other call to action.

Examples of Kenyan business websites include; Gremiken Investments, Toyota Kenya, Mobius Motors etc.

Business Website - Gremiken Investments

#3 Entertainment and Media Website

What do you do when you are bored online? You probably go to your favorite website for entertainment. These entertainment websites can take very many different forms depending on what media they use and are usually in magazine form.

The different types of media may include:

  • Articles
  • Videos – (Funny videos, exclusive videos, political videos)
  • Memes
  • Podcasts
  • Comics
  • Quizzes
  • Lists, etc.

These websites do not directly sell products or services, but generate revenue through ads posted strategically on the website or within the content. These websites have a large following on social media and different brands would part with significant amounts of money to reach this audience.

All major media houses in Kenya such as Citizen TV, KTN News, KBC, NTV, etc. have media websites that share different important news from Kenya and across the globe. There are also a host of entertainment websites in Kenya and they mostly take the format of a magazine. Some practical examples include; Mpasho, KenyaMoja, Madmiles Entertainment, Njugush.ke, thenestcollective.com, Ghafla, Mdundo, etc.

Entertainment Websites - Mpasho

#4 Listing/Online Directories

Do you remember years ago when we used to have large business directories at home with many phone numbers and business addresses? Well, these business directories are now online. These online business directories gather information from various businesses such as contact details, location and even reviews.

With all the information on a single website, users have access to the info and the ability to compare between different businesses online.

Some online directories like yellowpageskenya are broad-based and list a wide variety of businesses. Other listing websites like kenyaweddingvenues.com are niche specific and they list a particular set of businesses.

Listing Business Directory Websites - Kenya Wedding Venues

#5 Portfolio Websites

Just as the name suggests, these websites showcase the personal works of an individual. These could be artwork, graphics, photographs/videos depending on your line of work. Your audience has the chance of looking at your previous works and possibly engage you if they are impressed.

Another kind that is closely related to this one is the resume website. These types of sites outlay a person’s professional journey and qualifications. It also offers the individual a great platform to share their professional knowledge through blogging. There are different types of content you can share on your resume website to make it richer and more attractive to potential employers or business partners.

Michael Olunga, an iconic name in Kenyan Football has his portfolio website at olunga.com. A notable name in the tech space in Kenya is Catherine Mahugu. Her website, catherinemahugu.com showcases all her important works she has undertaken in the past and press mentions.

Portfolio and Resume Websites - Michael Olunga

#6 Personal Blog

What are you passionate about? Have you ever thought of sharing your thoughts about this particular subject matter? It could health and fitness, sports, fiction or jokes. Just about anything. You can simply start your own blog and share this information to your audience.

These types of websites can take any shape and form depending on your personal style. You could use videos, for example, or photography if you are starting a travel blog. You can try out podcasts if you are not comfortable with being the face of the blog. You can also write articles about important subjects that might require in-depth analysis like health or science.

Monetization is mostly not the goal of these kinds of websites. They are mostly driven by passion and the need to share the experiences with the world. However, we have seen many of these sites eventually generating a lot of revenue for the owners.

A good example of a personal blog is nyakitee.com, a travel enthusiast who prefers solo travels across the world.

Personal Blog Website - Nyakitee

#7 Forums and Communities

Forums and community websites are simply user-driven websites where the users share their thoughts on subject matters to help build content. Most of these websites are niche based and the users are free to post content, ask questions or find answers within the content.

These can also be called wikis and the most common of which globally is Wikipedia. Users on Wikipedia constantly improve on content by editing the articles to improve the relevance of a particular subject matter.

JamiiForums and KenyaTalk are examples of forums in Kenya that are broad-based and topics span across politics, entertainment, farming, technology, business etc. Wazua is a niche specific Kenyan forum where members from all walks of life talk about wealth creation.

Forums and Communities Websites - Jamii Forums

#8 Educational/Learning Management

These are websites that offer online courses for different subjects. Especially during recent times, there has been a shift in how education is delivered to the student. More institutions have now embraced online learning and students are completing entire courses and even graduating without stepping a foot in physical classrooms.

Some courses are free while you have to pay for others. Once you have subscribed on these educational websites, you can access entire course works online. Sit through different lectures and even undertake examinations online through the same learning management systems.

They are very convenient and offer the user flexibility while studying for their courses. These websites are very essential for skill building. You can be able to find a few free courses that can help build your career without much sweat.

The Kenya Institute of Management has an eLearning platform where Kenyans can register for the various courses offered. Another example of an educational website in Kenya is thebookofsarah.com.

Educational Learning Management Websites - The Book of Sarah

Other Types of Websites

Other notable types of websites you can find include:

  • Search Engines
  • Crowdfunding Websites
  • Nonprofit Organizations Websites
  • Web Portals
  • Social Media Networks

Are you still wondering what type of websites your needs fit in? Share with us what you are looking for in a website and we can give you the best type of website you can get for your business.

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