Just how Practical are Social Media Marketing Services in Kenya?

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Social media marketing services in Kenya offer online marketers and advertisers the best opportunity to leverage traffic. This is because they have very huge user bases that spend many hours on daily basis on social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and the likes.

But, the dynamics of the social networking world in Kenya makes it a little limiting for some brands to successfully take full advantage of the opportunity. Here are important questions to ask yourself to ensure the social networking marketing approach is the best for your business.

Important Considerations When Thinking of Social Media Marketing Services in Kenya

1. Do you have enough bandwidth – this is the first question that you should ask, are there enough resources to be able to execute a social media marketing campaign successfully? This isn’t the kind of thing that you can assign someone, or an automated tool to check into each month, there should be someone managing the Facebook page or twitter feed, and all other vehicles that you are using.

the impact of social media marketing services in kenya

This way, you will be able to find as well as respond to feedback and further identify opportunities to start building relationships with your newly acquired target audience. Remember that your clients will start contacting you at their convenience thus thinking of a 8-5 hour shift aren’t any more viable for you.

2. What are your goals? What does your company hope to achieve from this marketing campaign? If you are looking to triple your traffic overnight or achieve double sales by the end of the month, look somewhere else as social media marketing isn’t the thing for you, at least not as yet with these goals.

By the nature of the medium which was meant solely for connecting and communicating, rest assured that social networking websites aren’t a platform for selling products. While researches show that it is a viable way of selling, generally, your best hope in this medium should be to create brand awareness and brand equity.

3. What would you say? Be advised that visitors to social sites are doing so out of their own wish — they aren’t a captive audience as is the case with someone watching TV or a commercial advertisement on the internet.

Therefore, for them to take their precious time and follow you or look at your social media profile in the least of actions, or even go ahead to read a message that you have posted on the social media website, you should have something very compelling for them.

Thus, as a good marketer does, you should heed the important old adage of ‘knowing your target audience’. What is it that they want and what can you offer them to meet their needs? This you do by relying on your own consumer modeling as well as knowledge of the industry generally.

The above-mentioned are the 3 major questions a brand considering venturing into the social media marketing services in Kenya should ask itself. These questions will help you to be able to determine how viable the opportunity to market or promote the brand is on a social media website.

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