7 Social Media Tools to Boost your Online Presence

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What influence do you have on social media? This is one of the questions that many businesses, including very established brands, may never be able to answer. There are certain social media tools that you can use to measure your influence on various platforms or communities online.

Top 7 Social Media Tools

Most of these tools are free so you have no excuse but to consider them before you implement your social media strategy.

  1. Social Media Tracker

Social Media Tracker is a very powerful social media tool that obtains data from your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and uses them to measure the overall performance of your brand has on social media platforms. The app gives you a dashboard where you get invaluable information that can help you improve your social media campaigns to get better results for your brand.

Social Media Tracker - BrandMentions

This tool gives you unique social analytics tools that help you monitor what other people are saying about your brand on social media platforms. Apart from social platforms, the tool also monitors conversations on blogs, news and other media channels. You can monitor these conversations in real time. While monitoring your brand, this tool makes it easy for you to identify influencers that mention or interact with your brand. This can be very essential particularly if you are interested in starting a influencer marketing campaign for your brand.

  1. TwentyFeet

From TwentyFeet (Now joined with Sumall), you can obtain critical data from Facebook and Twitter represented in graphical format. This tool has a very user friendly layout with a set of graphs that depict the time frames in weeks, months and quarters. If you connect both your Facebook and Twitter accounts to TwentyFeet, you can choose to obtain statistics from each platform by simply switching between the two.

If there are any significant changes in your statistics then they will be shown clearly in your accounts stats. You can also have this information sent directly to your email. TwentyFeet offers stats which are quite similar to Klout’s. However, until recently they had the ‘unfriend stats’ which used to show you how many users have removed your page on their list of favorites. These stats were removed by Facebook due to their new privacy policies.

social media tools for measuring smm - twentyfeet


The amazing thing about TwentyFeet is that it clearly shows significant changes in your stats on the activity stream whenever you log in.  Significant changes include things like the number of followers of friends you have increasing or decreasing substantially. There is an icon that shows you the exact change and what is expected.

TwentyFeet is perfect if you would like to get a quick overview of how your page is faring online over a period of time. It is a great tool if you are looking for deep information about your followers including the users who stopped or started following your page.

  1. PostRank Analytics

If your main goal is to get more loyal customers through social media, this is the right tool for you. PostRank Analytics can help you to measure the results that boost loyalty.

social media tools for measuring smm - postrank analytics

  1. SocialBakers

SocialBakers is a paid service that offers very useful social media statistics. You can be able to monitor your Facebook page and get information about your fans with this tool.

social media tools for measuring smm - socialbakers

  1. CrowdBooster

CrowdBooster is relatively new and it comes with some useful features that you can benefit from. This social media tool can help you determine the best time to post based on when previous posts have received the most interaction. It recommends the best time to tweet based on when you have the most authority or influence on your community.

social media tools for measuring smm - crowdbooster


On the dashboard, you can get vital data like the number of replies, retweets and likes your posts have received and the number of people who have seen those posts. You can use this data to plan a social media strategy that will reach the largest audience possible.

CrowdBooster also offers graphs that detail changes in the number of fans or followers as well as giving you information on your most influential follower. With this tool, you can know who retweets your posts most and even the number of users who potentially saw your message once it was retweeted.

  1. TweetStats

TweetStats is a perfect social media tool if you really need general data regarding your audience. With this tool, you can enter any Twitter handle and get statistics on multiple accounts. The first time you use this social media tool, all your tweets need to be analyzed so you need to give it some time.

However, the process is generally fast and once it’s done, you can get critical data from TweetStats. You can get a number of graphs that show you how you interact with users on Twitter. The bar graphs will clearly show you the days and times that you are most active and the people who interact with you most.

social media tools for measuring smm - tweetstats


You can select a month to get a more detailed overview of what goes on within a short period. You can also obtain data about the number of friends and followers liking your page. TweetStats has very unique features known as the Hashtag Cloud and Tweet Cloud.

The Hashtag Cloud shows you all the hashtags that you have used on a regular basis whereas the Tweet Cloud shows your most commonly used user names. These features emphasizes on what you use often.

  1. My Web Career

This is a special social media tool that doesn’t just focus on Twitter stats. My Web Career analyzes all the data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and search engine results in order to give you a ‘Career Score’. The score is given based on three main things:

  • Your social media presence
  • The strength and value of your connections
  • The reliability of your connections

social media tools for measuring smm - my web career

If you connect My Web Career to your LinkedIn account you can get information such as the companies that your connections work for. With this tool, you are able to know which companies you are connected to and how many people you know from each industry.

If you would like to discover your network and develop ways to take advantage of your connections, this is the ideal tool for you. There are other social media networking tools that can help you to boost your presence on popular networks. Have you used any of these tools? We would like to hear from you. Of course there are plenty of other tools which we haven’t highlighted above and we will be happy if you shared them on the comments section below.

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