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5 SEO Errors you are Probably Guilty of Making

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The rules of internet marketing are not so easy to follow through. You may have been an expert at one thing a year ago only to find out that the same thing no longer applies to do. Search engine optimization, like all other internet marketing tactics, is always a learning curve.

You must be ready to update your skills, learn as much as you can and make changes to your sites whenever necessary. Failure to do this, you will be left stressing yourself over jargon and rules that no longer work. So whether you are new to SEO or not, you could be making any of the following mistakes.

SEO Mistakes You must avoid

Because of its ever adapting nature, search engine optimization will always be tricky. We are going to highlight only the most common issues we’ve seen our clients struggle with and help you to understand where you could be going wrong. We hope this blog helps to enlighten you in marketing your blog or website online.

5 common SEO Errors you are Probably Guilty of Making

1. Assuming SEO will take effect immediately on a new site

We’ve met many clients who are desperate to have their websites and blogs ranking top for relevant searches as soon as we start working on them. One of the things that is really hard to convince a customer, especially one who has a new site, is that rankings can take time to improve even when the right internet marketing tactics are followed.

A site’s history will always affect its ranking and when it comes to a new site, you really don’t have any history. Therefore, you’ll have to do more than just link building in order to boost the visibility of a new website. At the end of the day, your focus should be on SEO activities that yield positive results even if it’s going to take some little more time.

2. Cheap Search Engine Optimization Services

One thing you need to understand is that, search engine optimization is not cheap and quick. If you get someone who offers a cheap and quick service, run for your life! Chances are that they are going to use black hat techniques to have quick results, but your site’s history will be compromised in the process. Focus on marketing efforts that do not discredit your brand in the long run. Choose a service that is of the highest quality and obeys search engine guidelines.

3. Not being aware of strategies and techniques used to boost rankings

Having an agency provide you SEO services is one thing, but following through to ensure that they offer the best, is even more important. Methods like keyword stuffing, using hidden text and link buying can harm your site in the long run. You need to stay clear from any of these search promotion efforts.

Before engaging any person or company in search optimization, make sure they give you a clear outline of what will be done to boost your online rankings. If any of the above methods will be used, you need to find a better professional.

4. Failing to consider SEO when creating a website

SEO is a very critical aspect of web development. If your site is not developed with search engine visibility in mind, then you risk losing a lot of customers and having a lot of work when the time comes to market it.

Choose a designer who is also an expert in search engine optimization. This will ensure that things like keywords are included in your web pages and also meta description tags. Basic search optimization when done during your website build can make a very big difference.

5. Excessive use of flash

Flash is usually discouraged for very valid reasons. Other than it being too distracting, it’s also going to be hard for search engines to read content that is not in HTML format. Thus flash content is much harder to rank on search engines. If you really have to use flash, try and place it using HTML5 techniques.

Focus on the bigger picture

There’s no single factor that will make your website’s search rankings to instantly improve. What you need to understand is that search engine optimization will only work when several factors are combined together. Therefore, it’s always best to begin with the basics such as optimizing your website URLs and then getting into the finer details. But most importantly, implement the best SEO practices for long term success online.

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