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Critical Aspects that Define the Best Web Hosting in Kenya

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For you to become successful with your online business in Kenya, you need to have a website, and for the website to be successful, you need to have the perfect web hosting service provider in Kenya. But how do you choose the best web hosting in Kenya now that the market is flooded with hundreds of thousands of those? Here are specific aspects you should look out for.

Characteristics of the Best Web Hosting in Kenya

Reliability – while many people will give much thought to the features and stuff, reliability of a web host service provider in Kenya is a very critical aspect that needs to be given important consideration above everything else.

Even with the most advanced features in the market, if your website’s uptime is not always guaranteed, the features will be useless since the website will always be down most of the time. Your website needs to be up all the time which is not only good to potential buyers but also the search engines.

web hosting in kenyaSpeed – related to reliability is speed. Living in a microwave paced era that we live in today, nothing can be compared to a slow loading website. No person in their right mind will sit around and wait for a webpage to load unless of course you are offering a very exclusive product in the market.

Of course this is not possible as there is very tough competition today so you must justify why a buyer should sit for 10 minutes as they wait for your webpage to load and buy something if they can visit that of your competitor that loads in less than 3 minutes and still find the same thing?

Operating System – If you need programming languages like Microsoft SQL, .NET and .ASP, then you are better off with a Windows server, but you should know that each corresponding software charges some license fee which you pay.

You are better off with a Linux server which is not only more affordable but also because it utilizes latest technology such as PHP technology and MySQL databases. Basically, Linux server utilizes an open source technology

Support – what is the level of support that the web host service provider is offering? Will you get immediate attention should anything go wrong? The best web host company will not play any blame game when it comes to sorting your problems, especially technical problems that will compromise on your website’s uptime. Check out the contact options available for consumers to get 24/7/365 support.

Features – the last important thing that will determine the best web host service provider is the features, such as bandwidth, disk space, ecommerce capabilities, email accounts, FTP accounts among others. Ensure you are allocated the amount of disk space that your website needs.

If you plan on doing ecommerce online where you will be in-charge of the buying and selling of goods and services even if not at the moment but in future, you might want to consider ecommerce capabilities and whether the web hosting in Kenya company you are considering working with has expansion capabilities.

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    • Choosing a local web host for your business is good as it gives you better service and also allows you get better customer care experience. For example it is easier to call a local web host in case of anything more than international ones. It is also a good thing to support local innovation.


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