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Whiteboard Friday: How to Survive the SEO Slog by Rand Fishkin

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Have you ever felt like your SEO efforts do not reflect the efforts and the budget you have put into SEO? Well, very many SEO experts must have experienced this and many times most give up as it does not make sense. Rand Fishkin on this Friday’s edition of Whiteboard Friday takes us through this period and what it all means.

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In a very elaborate blog by Scott Clark of Buzzmaven, Many SEO expert discuss the SEO Slog and how to deal with this period of despair. Read Scott’s article titled “Thriving in the SEO Slog”. Listen and learn from the experts to improve your SEO Strategies.

Therefore, no matter what you are experiencing, you have to stick to your SEO best practices and double up your effort until you start getting positive results. In case you are using black hat techniques to rank your website, it is also important that you re-evaluate and check whether the techniques are actually doing more harm than good.

The SEO slog can really test the patience of an SEO expert.

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