Social Media Marketing Turned Lucrative Business Networking (FACEBOOK)

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The initial concept behind the launch of Facebook was that US College students could have a social networking site where they can keep in touch with friends and family. Facebook has however grown in bits and bounds from the social networking website that it was originally intended into a global resource that facilitates online businesses.

Effect of Facebook on a Business

Social Media Marketing In Kenya is fast gaining in huge popularity throughout the country and beyond. There are several social media networks that one can take advantage of, but the post popular of them all is Facebook.

If you are well conversant with the internet business, you will know that Facebook is more than a platform for online advertising; you will know that it is a very potential tool that can drive in loads of traffic to your website.

How Facebook Works as a Social Media Marketing Tool

Basically, Facebook makes it possible for its members to connect, interact and share with millions of others members globally. Facebook categorizes its members by their age, political views, education, geographical location, workplace, profession, and interests etc.

This makes it a great platform to reach a specific target audience easily. The fact that you are a member in Facebook means you are entitled to an account, which will then allow you to connect with fellow Facebookers, turning the social networking platform into a perfect business networking platform.

Strategies to Network with Facebook

There are several social media strategies you can apply to make Facebook your source of income. When you establish a network and connect with like-minded Facebookers by forming groups, you can be able to share ideas, promote, and even sell what you have on offer online.

Social Media Marketing in Kenya - Facebook

To succeed however, you ought to do a thorough research by always being on the lookout as to what your competitors are doing. When you get to establish your network, you will be able to have great influence and a significant following, which means, therefore, that you can reach very many users easily.

To be able to promote your business ideas on this social networking site, a secret that you must always keep is that too much focusing on the ideals and the business will not give you the great following that you want.

Equally, putting in very many links on your business promotion page will send a message that you are more into selling than socializing, and guys will start “unliking” your group page. You are advised to do everything in moderation, and limit your posts and business ideas.

Note that your Facebook promotion webpage isn’t all that it takes to market your business. You ought to have an active and informative user-friendly website on the side where your Facebook fans can get redirected when they want to know much about what you are promoting. Other social networking sites that you can use include Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc as all have very useful resources and tools for making a successful business online.

When all is said and done, before you decide to promote your products and services online, you should have a viable strategy that is well planned, and which must be friendly, social, and very appealing. That is what social media marketing in Kenya entails.

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