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10 Simple Social Media Posts that you can Create in Less Time

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Social media marketing is important and you must dedicate quality time to it. If you have a very busy schedule, you need to develop ways to create interesting and engaging social media posts in less than 10 minutes. It may seem impossible but we will give you 10 tips on how to make it happen. These simple tips will help you turn around your social media campaigns online and make it a fun experience.

10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Posting Great Content

  1. Post questions: one of the best ways to make posts more engaging is to encourage people to share their opinion. Take just 5 minutes to think of something that your fan base can be more interested in. Write a question that is short and clear. Make sure the answers will generate useful insights for your business.
  1. Behind the scenes photos or posts: Your fan base would love to know what is going on behind the scenes. The activities that you engage in during the day may be of interest to your fan base. You can post a picture from behind the scenes to keep your audience interested.
  1. Funny quotes: Look for some funny quote that is probably related to your industry and then post it on social media from time to time.
  1. Facts: Do you have some interesting facts about your products or service that people may want to know. Share them on social networks. Make the fact informative and helpful to your reader.
  1. FAQs: You probably have a list of questions that most of your customers ask. Answer one of these questions in form of a short update. It will teach your fans and followers something about your brand and also provide a great way to drive traffic to your FAQ section, in case you have one on the website.
  1. National holidays”: everyday is usually a national holiday of some sort. You can use this to update something interesting on your page. Just Google the day or date and find out what national holiday it is. You can engage your social media community based on this. Something like this would work: “It is classic rock week, what’s your idea of celebrating?”
  1. Customer shout outs: It is always important to recognize your fan base. One way to do this is by mentioning them in one of your updates. Thanking or appreciating your fans can help generate more involvement on your page and also build your brand.
  1. Trendy content: There is always something that is buzzing every day and you can take advantage of this to get engaging content. This kind of content needs to be timely, short and precise. You can look at some trending news on Google trends or other popular news websites online.
  1. Upcoming events: You can post updates on upcoming events taking place in your local community. You can follow a number of social media accounts in your local area to get information on local events and then retweet, share and post this content.
  2. Quotes: People on social media networks love quotes so whenever you come across any helpful or insightful quotes from authority leaders, add them on a folder and then post them from time to time.

examples of social media posting that can work for your brand

Social Media Posts Should be Fun

Please feel free to share any ideas that you have on social media posting. If you ever feel stuck in social media strategy, we can help you so feel free to contact us today. Subscribe to our articles below and stay informed on the best strategies to use with your normal social media posts to get great returns and more engagements on your social media accounts.

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